This site was created so that people with patulous eustachian tube can share information. The first step if you suspect that you may have patulous eustachian tube is to contact a specialist and have it diagnosed. There are several conditions that have similar symptoms to patulous eustachian tube.

There are a lot of message boards with confusing conversation threads and historic conversations between people. This page was started so that there is a central site where people with patulous eustachian tube can exchange ideas, thoughts and potential treatment (contact details are on the contacts page). It is also hoped that professionals, Ear Nose & Throat specialists, dentists, physios, acupuncturists, herbalist etc etc will access the site and offer support.

Patulous eustachian tube is frustrating because it is rare and difficult to diagnose.

Patulous eustachian tube is physiological and treatment needs to be developed. Please join the facebook group if you have patulous eustachian tube or know someone who does. Let us know about your story and any advice and help that you can offer.

The site will change and improve as more information is shared. The aim is that the site will be a hub of knowledge regarding patulous eustachian tube giving information on specialists, treatment, reading and links to useful sites.
There are several different treatments for patulous eustachian tube. The eustachian tube is a complex system your specialist should be able to advise you on the most appropriate treatment.

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